Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lincoln – Take a Bow!

The people of Lincoln have done themselves proud!

How, you ask? Because, they just invented the ultimate answer to the menace of superman… Kryptonite!

Yeah, I know you got the joke, but seriously the city and its people are beaming with pride. Why wouldn’t a city be proud if its residents helped the crew of (wait for it) TOP GEAR!

Yeah! The show, whose episodes have been creating fans at a tremendous rate! No kidding here! I mean a few countries find it hard to match their population rate with that (I didn’t take any names!) But what good did Lincoln do?

Well here’s the story. The crew of Top Gear was at that place, to test a few electric cars for their next episode, and guess what! While doing it, Clarkson’s car ran out of power.

But that’s nothing when compared to what happened next! The residents were all game to lend a helping hand to the crew. From lending a tow cord to letting them charge the batteries, the god-sent angels made them feel at home.

Thank God they did that; otherwise there may have been a few problems and would you have liked any irregularities in the Top Gear episodes?

Oh and that’s not all! During all this crises, Clarkson was at his witty best. On asking where the crew’s third team mate Richard Hammond was, he shot back sarcastically saying that he lay under the green sods (not that euphemistically of course!).

So, the days of trouble are over now. Yes, you can download Top Gear but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have to wait for the show to air.

After the philanthropic drive, it’s now time to return to business in top gear, as some sleek electric cars head your way in the upcoming episode!