Sunday, 31 July 2011

Electric Cars rock – what say?? Would wait for the verdict though!!

top gear
Electric cars have been the talk of town ever since they made an advent on the roads, titillating the very consciousness of those aficionados who were harboring mountainous expectations from them!

Tune-in to Top Gear season 17 episode 6 once it is aired and catch up with Jeremy Clarkson and James May, who would be zooming besides the seaside on their electric cars.

Whoa! A lot of action lies in store for each one of us out there as the duo whizzes past in the ‘Nissan Leaf’ and the ‘Peugeot iOn’; one of their sojourn being the Lincoln on their way.

You know what guys; I think this one would surely make for an interesting watch as all of us are no longer oblivious of the growing penchant for electric cars since the fall of the twentieth century with the surging repulsion for automobiles with internal combustion engines.

What I can vouch for is that Jeremy and James are surely going to fall for these four-wheelers, any way!
This forthcoming installment is due to be aired on July 31, 2011 and the celebrity doing the honors this time around would be Simon Cowell.

The man finally takes time out of his grueling work schedule that comprises of judging singing wannabes to expressing his views on automobiles; hope we don’t encounter any blips on that front!

You must be wondering about the fate of Richard Hammond; well, he would be interacting with a rally team of sorts.

Richard would be having a face-off with a troupe that has an amputee belonging to the military as its members. Perhaps, this exemplifies another facet of that simmering passion for driving and vrooming that lives on no matter what comes your way!

Last but definitely not the least; ‘Lamborghini Aventador’ would be the show stopper of the night. Hold on to those popping eyeballs of yours as this batch brings forth that engaging concoction of action, thrill and fun yet again, ah! That has sort of become a trend, isn’t it??

Friday, 22 July 2011

Top Gear Season 17 About To Ease into The Fifth Gear with Bob Geldof!

top gear season 17 episode 5
Oh yeah, we are about to have some royalty on the sets of Top Gear! But this is not your run of the mill, suited and booted type, but his royal highness, Sir Bob Geldof, the king of punk rock in person!

Yes, people you heard that one right.

Bob Geldof, the knighted musician, will soon be seen with the Top Gear trio as the Celebrity in a Reasonably Priced Car segment.

There are a few other celebrities making their way to the Top Gear season 17 episode 5 and most notably among them is the classic, four-wheeled beauty that we all call as the Jensen Interceptor, the car of dreams.

The Jensen Interceptor is making a much vaunted re-entry in to the market as the brand new Jenson Interceptor R, with brand new components. However, it also retains most of the features that made this car everyone’s envy when it was launched in the 1970s.

And now, that cheeky bugger, Jeremy Clarkson, is the one getting his hands on one of those rare Interceptors. And let me say this on record that Jeremy is a good man, but I hate him now.

Come on, how lucky can he get anymore than he already is? Thank the Lord that the beat up Mercedes CL 600 that he got into in one of the previous episodes finally broke down. Serves him right!

Anyways, moving on from my jealous rants, Jeremy will also be present to sample the Lotus revolution first hand, and test drive their piece de renaissance, the brand new Lotus T125, and, let me tell you, it’s a thing of beauty!

Another thing to watch out for when Top Gear returns to the television screens, is the task given to the Top Gear team – they will have to blow up a row of derelict houses with second hand army equipment.

Nice show, I must say!

Wait, that’s not all, the Top Gear team will be competing against a team of professional demolition experts– and they will have to complete the mission before the professionals.


I’ll see you all soon. Until then, stay safe.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

James May Features Workman’s Jumpsuit for Every Man!

Here comes the motoring enthusiast, James May to teach every devitalized man the tactics of doing manly things!

Well, the fans of Top Gear episodes would be surprised to know that the man, who is recognized for his exclusive presentation on iconic automobiles, has come up with a fashion line this time.

Yup, the electrifying presenter of the motoring series descended in a UK fashion show with his special line of clothing, which he envisages for every man. The style sense of James seemed to be the default one, as he took a catwalk wearing a workman’s jumpsuit. I guess May has his chief emphasis on simplifying the prevailing taste of males.

Fashion statements become a little for men, and come more easily to women, but May has modified it in his own way.  He thinks that one can rush outside dressing up himself in a workman’s jumpsuit, which if donned with a series of accessories can work well, depending on the occasion at hand.

Like, if one has to perform some work on his car, a belt of tools is suitable enough. On the other hand, if there is a call for a class, then a collar and tail would define your guise.

Well, the key purpose of May invading the fashion world is BBC show, Man Lab. The series basically focuses on man-like things, indoctrinating what all a man needs.  

All in all, this latest act of the veteran presenter reflects his sense of style. He knows how to flip around the latest trend to suit his needs. On the other side, if one wishes to watch May presenting gut-splitting humor and adrenaline-pumping adventure, then Top Gear online is always there to cater to the needs of audiences.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Italy in Top Gear season 17 episode 2!

Top Gear team heads to Italy this time to try their hands on some top-notch hatchbacks to gauge their performance.

Well, I guess the right thing to say would be Top Gear is in Italy ‘in the title,’ but then the show is so big, I think what I wrote in the first instance sounds better.

Coming back to the show, James, Jeremy and Richard would be in the land that gave birth to ‘the biggest gift to mankind’ – PIZZA!

Apart from trying some of that, they would also be giving some high-powered hatchbacks a testing ground to prove their skills.

Which hatchbacks are we talking of here?

I was waiting for you to ask that!

Citroen DS3 Racing, Fiat 500C Abarth, Renaultsport Clio 200 Cup and McLaren MP4-12C!  

Citroen will be tested by the veteran hands of Jeremy Clarkson, the Fiat will be handled by Richard Hammond, and my man James May would watch how the Renaultsport revs.

They do this as they navigate their way through the maddening towns of Italy, and the car testing is not the only thing they do. They also drape themselves in a wee bit of fun.

How? They take part in a Scavenger Hunt!

Isn’t this a big package for just one episode?

Sure it is! Worth a download, right?

So make sure you watch Top Gear season 17 episode 2 and fetch yourselves a treat like no other!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Top Gear host encounters bad luck on track, but survives!

Rather that immediately focusing on the news, I will begin with an announcement. Mind you, it’s an important one!

Guys, fasten your seat belts, as yet another season of the moto-geeks centered show will take off soon.

Catch Top Gear season 17 premiere, as it promises to expose us to the spanking new corners of the moto-world. And to offer maximum excitement to viewers, drivers will be made to undergo risky stunts.

Watch out guys, as something never-before is waiting to embrace you!

Well, talking about the risk factor involved in the show, recently, while attempting to exceed a world record, Top Gear host, Tanner Foust almost had a date with death.

After this incident, Tanner has been consistently hogging the limelight. But this publicity has come at a cost- a near brush with death! He is a daredevil for sure!

As per reports, he was very close to smashing the record, but a freak accident prevented him from crossing the line.

For the attempt, it was necessary for Tanner to maintain a minimum speed of 109 miles per hour, and it was mandatory for him to accelerate to hit the target.

But during the practice, it was noticed that he was driving too fast at a speed more than the required level. So, he could not control the vehicle, at the time of jump.

Worsening the situation was his landing, which transpired at a wrong angel. In spite of losing control, he somehow managed to correct his vehicle’s path and bring it to a halt.

Well! It is good to note that he was able to come out unharmed from this whole situation, which was threatening to spiral out of control.

It’s time for me to bid adieu. Do remember to catch Top Gear season 17 episode 1, as the new season is promising grand treats for the moto-world enthusiasts.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Top Gear Hits the Gaming World!

Looks like this BBC Franchise cannot be kept away from stardom! After years of success in what it does, Top Gear has become so famous that it has become a brand in itself.

The latest example that stands to testify this fact is that Top Gear has even entered the gaming world. The world of games is in itself a huge business and that it felt the need to have a feature from this show, speaks a lot about the kind of reputation that this show has established for itself.

This is what happened! The new game of Xbox 360, Forza 4, will have Top Gear’s test track in it.

What does it mean?

It means that the players will now be able to run their cars in an environment that will be a stimulation of the real test track of the BBC powered show.

And that’s not all!

The voice of Jeremy Clarkson will be there doing the bit with showroom commentary. That’s the complete news for you!

The funny thing is, with so much happening, Top Gear goes on smoothly without getting jittery of this hype. Now, isn’t that some professionalism?

Watch Top Gear online and you’d find it filled to brim with fun and games. And now with the same fun and games in there, this game is sure to hit and break some records! With this done, I get one more idea- why doesn’t a game get planned solely on the basis of the series? Ok! If that was a little over the top, then why can’t its characters be a bigger part of a project? For example, having the hosts and test drivers as racers!
I guess it would work out as well, but hey, I am just a person who loves to get a Top Gear download, I am no game developer, so the ball rests in the game developers’ court.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lincoln – Take a Bow!

The people of Lincoln have done themselves proud!

How, you ask? Because, they just invented the ultimate answer to the menace of superman… Kryptonite!

Yeah, I know you got the joke, but seriously the city and its people are beaming with pride. Why wouldn’t a city be proud if its residents helped the crew of (wait for it) TOP GEAR!

Yeah! The show, whose episodes have been creating fans at a tremendous rate! No kidding here! I mean a few countries find it hard to match their population rate with that (I didn’t take any names!) But what good did Lincoln do?

Well here’s the story. The crew of Top Gear was at that place, to test a few electric cars for their next episode, and guess what! While doing it, Clarkson’s car ran out of power.

But that’s nothing when compared to what happened next! The residents were all game to lend a helping hand to the crew. From lending a tow cord to letting them charge the batteries, the god-sent angels made them feel at home.

Thank God they did that; otherwise there may have been a few problems and would you have liked any irregularities in the Top Gear episodes?

Oh and that’s not all! During all this crises, Clarkson was at his witty best. On asking where the crew’s third team mate Richard Hammond was, he shot back sarcastically saying that he lay under the green sods (not that euphemistically of course!).

So, the days of trouble are over now. Yes, you can download Top Gear but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have to wait for the show to air.

After the philanthropic drive, it’s now time to return to business in top gear, as some sleek electric cars head your way in the upcoming episode!