Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Top Gear Hits the Gaming World!

Looks like this BBC Franchise cannot be kept away from stardom! After years of success in what it does, Top Gear has become so famous that it has become a brand in itself.

The latest example that stands to testify this fact is that Top Gear has even entered the gaming world. The world of games is in itself a huge business and that it felt the need to have a feature from this show, speaks a lot about the kind of reputation that this show has established for itself.

This is what happened! The new game of Xbox 360, Forza 4, will have Top Gear’s test track in it.

What does it mean?

It means that the players will now be able to run their cars in an environment that will be a stimulation of the real test track of the BBC powered show.

And that’s not all!

The voice of Jeremy Clarkson will be there doing the bit with showroom commentary. That’s the complete news for you!

The funny thing is, with so much happening, Top Gear goes on smoothly without getting jittery of this hype. Now, isn’t that some professionalism?

Watch Top Gear online and you’d find it filled to brim with fun and games. And now with the same fun and games in there, this game is sure to hit and break some records! With this done, I get one more idea- why doesn’t a game get planned solely on the basis of the series? Ok! If that was a little over the top, then why can’t its characters be a bigger part of a project? For example, having the hosts and test drivers as racers!
I guess it would work out as well, but hey, I am just a person who loves to get a Top Gear download, I am no game developer, so the ball rests in the game developers’ court.

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