Friday, 24 June 2011

Top Gear host encounters bad luck on track, but survives!

Rather that immediately focusing on the news, I will begin with an announcement. Mind you, it’s an important one!

Guys, fasten your seat belts, as yet another season of the moto-geeks centered show will take off soon.

Catch Top Gear season 17 premiere, as it promises to expose us to the spanking new corners of the moto-world. And to offer maximum excitement to viewers, drivers will be made to undergo risky stunts.

Watch out guys, as something never-before is waiting to embrace you!

Well, talking about the risk factor involved in the show, recently, while attempting to exceed a world record, Top Gear host, Tanner Foust almost had a date with death.

After this incident, Tanner has been consistently hogging the limelight. But this publicity has come at a cost- a near brush with death! He is a daredevil for sure!

As per reports, he was very close to smashing the record, but a freak accident prevented him from crossing the line.

For the attempt, it was necessary for Tanner to maintain a minimum speed of 109 miles per hour, and it was mandatory for him to accelerate to hit the target.

But during the practice, it was noticed that he was driving too fast at a speed more than the required level. So, he could not control the vehicle, at the time of jump.

Worsening the situation was his landing, which transpired at a wrong angel. In spite of losing control, he somehow managed to correct his vehicle’s path and bring it to a halt.

Well! It is good to note that he was able to come out unharmed from this whole situation, which was threatening to spiral out of control.

It’s time for me to bid adieu. Do remember to catch Top Gear season 17 episode 1, as the new season is promising grand treats for the moto-world enthusiasts.

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