Sunday, 31 July 2011

Electric Cars rock – what say?? Would wait for the verdict though!!

top gear
Electric cars have been the talk of town ever since they made an advent on the roads, titillating the very consciousness of those aficionados who were harboring mountainous expectations from them!

Tune-in to Top Gear season 17 episode 6 once it is aired and catch up with Jeremy Clarkson and James May, who would be zooming besides the seaside on their electric cars.

Whoa! A lot of action lies in store for each one of us out there as the duo whizzes past in the ‘Nissan Leaf’ and the ‘Peugeot iOn’; one of their sojourn being the Lincoln on their way.

You know what guys; I think this one would surely make for an interesting watch as all of us are no longer oblivious of the growing penchant for electric cars since the fall of the twentieth century with the surging repulsion for automobiles with internal combustion engines.

What I can vouch for is that Jeremy and James are surely going to fall for these four-wheelers, any way!
This forthcoming installment is due to be aired on July 31, 2011 and the celebrity doing the honors this time around would be Simon Cowell.

The man finally takes time out of his grueling work schedule that comprises of judging singing wannabes to expressing his views on automobiles; hope we don’t encounter any blips on that front!

You must be wondering about the fate of Richard Hammond; well, he would be interacting with a rally team of sorts.

Richard would be having a face-off with a troupe that has an amputee belonging to the military as its members. Perhaps, this exemplifies another facet of that simmering passion for driving and vrooming that lives on no matter what comes your way!

Last but definitely not the least; ‘Lamborghini Aventador’ would be the show stopper of the night. Hold on to those popping eyeballs of yours as this batch brings forth that engaging concoction of action, thrill and fun yet again, ah! That has sort of become a trend, isn’t it??

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