Tuesday, 19 July 2011

James May Features Workman’s Jumpsuit for Every Man!

Here comes the motoring enthusiast, James May to teach every devitalized man the tactics of doing manly things!

Well, the fans of Top Gear episodes would be surprised to know that the man, who is recognized for his exclusive presentation on iconic automobiles, has come up with a fashion line this time.

Yup, the electrifying presenter of the motoring series descended in a UK fashion show with his special line of clothing, which he envisages for every man. The style sense of James seemed to be the default one, as he took a catwalk wearing a workman’s jumpsuit. I guess May has his chief emphasis on simplifying the prevailing taste of males.

Fashion statements become a little for men, and come more easily to women, but May has modified it in his own way.  He thinks that one can rush outside dressing up himself in a workman’s jumpsuit, which if donned with a series of accessories can work well, depending on the occasion at hand.

Like, if one has to perform some work on his car, a belt of tools is suitable enough. On the other hand, if there is a call for a class, then a collar and tail would define your guise.

Well, the key purpose of May invading the fashion world is BBC show, Man Lab. The series basically focuses on man-like things, indoctrinating what all a man needs.  

All in all, this latest act of the veteran presenter reflects his sense of style. He knows how to flip around the latest trend to suit his needs. On the other side, if one wishes to watch May presenting gut-splitting humor and adrenaline-pumping adventure, then Top Gear online is always there to cater to the needs of audiences.

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